Thursday, 27 January 2011


Hello to my new blog, and hello to anyone out there following!
I've decided to start my own blog as I have been contributing fashion blogs to and for the last 5 months and thought it was about time I had a place I could write my own ideas down and share links to my other blogs.

I am passionate about fashion and beauty.  I take a keen interest in all the latest trends as well as classic, vintage pieces.  I like to write and share my ideas, and love how blogs let you freely do so.
I have recently become engaged too and am so impressed by the many wedding blogs out there.  I'd like to keep track of all my planning and share any ideas I come across in time too as it's starting to take up a large amount of my time and my mind!  Plus there are so many ideas out there and I know I can't have them all!!

I'd better get some ideas together and this blog off the ground then!....

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