Thursday, 26 May 2011

And the venue is......

So after my little apology in the previous post, I thought I should bring everyone up to date with the plans (and remind myself what we've done by writing it all down!)

My last few posts were dedicated to finding the venue.  This was such good fun, travelling around, searching for that little feeling of 'this is it!' and we found it!  After 2 visits to make sure, we chose to get married and have our reception in The Stone Barn in Aldsworth.  This venue had everything we were looking for and suited the relaxed, rustic American Barn feel that we were after.  The place is huge and a blank canvas for us to decorate just as we wish!

The picture (left) is of the converted cattle shed that's linked onto the beautiful stone barn.  This is the reception area and the ceremony will be done in the barn itself.  This means that we have two areas and don't have to wait around for the staff to organise tables etc!

We have also booked our registrar from Gloucester.  Our main problem with this is because we live in Scotland, we have to live in England for 9 days to establish residency!  How crazy?!  We live in the UK and were both born in England, but still have to do this!  I'm hoping to do it by myself (it has to be within 3 months of the wedding if only one of us is doing it) and tie-in dress fittings, hair and make-up trials and as many hen parties as I can fit in all at the same time.  I'm sure it'll keep me busy!

Above is the beautiful barn where we will be saying our vows.  It'll also be the area for our evening entertainment.  We haven't looked into whether we want a band or not yet, but the acoustics in this place are going to be amazing!

Anyway....  can't spoil you all with too many blogs in one day... will fill you all in on everything else tomorrow!

Sorry for my absence....

To all my lovely readers!.....

Sorry for my long period of absence from writing!  There is no excuse for it (apart from flying to Bristol lots and partying with friends in Edinburgh).  My neglect to this blog will only disapoint myself in the future as this is supposed to be a reminder of all the planning I have done for my upcoming wedding!

To be honest, I don't know how all the bloggers out there do it!  I barely have enough time to read them all, let alone write!!

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