Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Venue Review 3

Venue Three:  The Stone Barn

Now, what can I say about this place?....  I absolutely love it!  
I found the website and tried so had to get an appointment, and finally nabbed one on New Years Eve.  When I looked at the pictures online, I knew that Andy would love the rustic look of it.

As you can see from the picture, this venue isn't your typically traditional barn!

This venue offers the beauty of the barn, which is licensed for ceremony's and the rustic, relaxed feel from the cow shed!
It was quite refreshing to come across something so different.  It is a fairly new venue and has only been holding weddings since summer 2010.  It is run by the team behind Cripps Barn who have a fantastic reputation for holding great weddings and have a superb catering company.

This is highlighted even more so by Stone Barn's 'God Grilla'!  

Reported in the Telegraph as the largest BBQ in the word!  It can cook 1000 sausages or 7 whole lambs in one go!  If that isn't a wow feature then I don't know what is!

I really want the beauty of a converted barn, but after looking through many blogs from rustic, American, big barn weddings, this barn definitely fits the overall bill!

I can imagine the space (pictured right) would look fantastic bathed in candle light for the ceremony and the acoustics being amazing for a band in the evening.

Will I be able to find another venue that would satisfy both Andy and myself, and bring together all our rustic, vintage ideas and our love of food?


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